SAKRA!2013, found itself on an acoustic search at St. Andrä Church in Graz/Austria on 1/3/13. The installative composition by Marufura Fufunjiru, Johannes Raggam, Christian F. Schiller and Nikos Zachariadis was sent via numerous FM-Transmitters to different radios spread across the church, which led to individual tonal responses. An abstract and concentrated examination of the subject luck/bad luck.

SAKRA! / in-dust.org

Andrä Kunst

The piece was recorded by and broadcasted on Radia.fm.
Thanks to Radio Helsinki and Max Höfler.

Excerpt of the live recording.


Christian F. Schiller


Marufura Fufunjiru


Johannes Raggam


Nikos Zachariadis (Opcion)

Photos by Garfield

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