SCHEIN – A cinematic composition in the interplay between space and atmosphere.

SCHEIN is a performative, expansive AV Installation in which the uncommon use of stylistic and technical elements of the classical club-setting (haze, projections, PA-system, etc.) interferes in one´s perception of space. The emerging intense impressions range from unfamiliar aesthetic shifts of the traditional club environment to a complete dissolution of the sense of space. The use of expansive projections span new types of virtual and immersive spatial structures, which are ephemeral and fragile – existing solely for the period of the performance and becoming accessible only through the attention and openness of the audience.

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Introductory video of SCHEIN

SCHEIN at the Insomnia Festival 2017 (NO), Photo by Isak Dalsfelt

SCHEIN at the Heart of Noise Festival 2016, Innsbruck

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