Photo: Lupi Spuma

The people from Elevate booked me for a live show at this year´s festival. I enjoyed an excellent „drone/experimental/noise“ night at the well-crowded „Dungeon“! Thank you!

Bässe, so tief, dass man sie mehr mit dem Bauch denn mit den Ohren wahrnehmen konnte, schwappten durch die künstliche Grotte. So gehört glich die Performance mehr einer Ganzkörpermassage. Einer Massage, die – sofern man mit Ohropax bewaffent war – in durchwegs positiver Erinnnerung bleiben wird.

The bass frequencies – so deep that they could be perceived more with the body than acoustically – were sloshing through the artificial cave. With this in mind the performance resembled a full body massage. A massage that – while equipped with earplugs – will be worth remembering.

Matthias Reif & Clemens Ticar (Kleine Zeitung)


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Lineup of the floor:

The Haxan Cloak – live (Tri Angle/uk)
Pharmakon – live (Sacred Bones Records/us) – cancelled! instead: Wrekmeister Harmonies
clipping. – live (Sub Pop/us)
Ninos Du Brasil – live (Tannen Records,CodaLunga/it)
Opcion (aka Ab-Hinc) – live (Widerstand Records/at)
Re-lay & 19 Hertz – live-a/v (Offseason,Bad Moon Entertainment/at)
Rer Repeter (Dubsquare Records,Offseason/at)
Macello Basstrojani (sound.kasten/at)
installation: OchoReSotto (at)

ELEVATE FESTIVAL – www.elevate.at


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